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Forbes: Stuxnet may be of Chinese Origin

A logical alternative theory of who targeted Iran:

In 2008, China decided to assist the IAEA inspectors after it learned that Iran was in possession of blueprints to shape uranium metal into warheads, according to this article in The Telegraph. That same article discloses that Chinese designs for centerfuges were discovered in Iran, supplied via Pakistan’s AQ Khan.

On April 13, 2010, Beijing reiterated its opposition to Iran’s goal to develop nuclear weapons capabilities while stating that sanctions against Iran would be counter-productive. In other words, the PRC wanted to support its third largest supplier of oil (after Saudi Arabia and Angola) while at the same time seeking ways to get Iran to stop its uranium fuel enrichment program. What better way to accomplish that goal than by covertly creating a virus that will sabotage Natanz’ centerfuges in a way that simulates mechanical failure while overtly supporting the Iranian government by opposing sanctions pushed by the U.S. It’s both simple and elegant.

Bottom line: we’ll never know unless someone comes forward.

Rolling Stone Chronicles Criminal Hackers

Rolling Stone chronicles the lifestyle exploits of Albert Gonzalez, which you can find here in the USA Today article here.  Unfortunately I cannot provide a link to the actual RS article because it is paid only. You can find it at your local newsstand.

Fake Malware Slows Down Facebook

There are rumors floating around that a piece of malware is slowing down Facebook. It turns out that it’s just another application after all.

I removed it and it certainly speeds up the application. Here’s how to remove it:

Check your ‘application settings’, go into the drop down box ‘added to profile’. If you see one in there called “unnamed app” delete it