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IEEE Cloud Computing Security CFP

A colleague emailed me a CFP for cloud computing security by IEEE. I’m thinking about submitting a paper. Perhaps I’ll co-author it. I’ve started to think about cloud computing issues and a have a few interesting ideas on the subject. To write or not to write… that is the question!

Cloud Computing Article Published on bloginfosec.com

Check out my response to Newsweek’s Daniel Lyons on cloud computing. Be sure to read the second page where most of the commentary happens!

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Cloud Computing and H1N1

I finished two articles today for bloginfosec.com. The first will be published tomorrow (6AM EST) on cloud computing and can be found here (again tomorrow!!!). The second will be published the day after tomorrow. It’s on H1N1 and it’s relevance to infosec. It will be found here. I have one more article to go!