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A Nod to Northcutt

Thanks to Stephen Northcutt for posting this website and twitter on his InfoSec travel musings blog. You can find a link to it here.

Stephen is the founder of SANS. He also published one of the first books on Network Intrusion Detection. I still have my first edition somewhere, Stephen!

IEEE Cloud Computing Security CFP

A colleague emailed me a CFP for cloud computing security by IEEE. I’m thinking about submitting a paper. Perhaps I’ll co-author it. I’ve started to think about cloud computing issues and a have a few interesting ideas on the subject. To write or not to write… that is the question!

Lunch on Thursday with ISACA NYC past president

In keeping with the daily grind aspect of infosec on, Thursday I have lunch scheduled with one of the past presidents from ISACA NY. Good conversation with colleagues is always appreciated! I should clarify and say that by “the Grind” I mean the ins and outs of daily infosec life.  There is certainly nothing in our lunches that I would remotely consider a grind! To good food and good conversation. Cheers!