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NYC holds ShredFest 2010 ID Protection

NYC rocks!!! If you care about protecting your identity attend NYC Shred Fest 2010, May 23rd from 10AM-4PM… Massive paper shredding for sensitive documents as a free NYC service! My tax dollars at work folks to help protect you… In addition, the first three people to each location receive a free shredder!

Facebook Gaffe Shares Pvt Emails

In the past I wrote that sometimes end user share a single facebook account exposing your private email to others.

This time it’s the app itself as Facebook routed the emails to the wrong boxes.

Cloud computing gaffes will expose privacy limits.

Crash: Toyota’s Closed Data System

Did you know that your car has a blackbox similar to airplanes? Most car companies use an open platform that allows this blackbox data to be downloaded and analyzed in order to aid investigations.  In the February 22nd, 2010 issue of Newsweek, Matthew Philips reported that Toyota uses a closed data system. Unfortunately this article is not online so I cannot link to it, but it is on page 12 of the current issue.

The article gives no indication whether or not the data is encrypted or encoded. It is my guess that it’s an uncrypted proprietary format. To me it seems unlikely that Toyota would go though such efforts to protect/encrypt data that they claim is not designed for accident reconstruction but namely intended to “aid research on safety systems such as airbags.”

Given the Toyota recall, we see the double edged nature of closed systems: on one hand, the data is protected from eyes outside Toyota; on the other hand, the lack of transparency (and non-compliance with industry open standards) leaves it vulnerable to attack by the larger justice system for being potentially negligent about the technical malfunctions that leads to a higher crash rate.

Busted: Thief Sells Victim Own Goods via Craigslist

I’ve written about how anonymity on craigslist may not be so anonymous. It also helps if you don’t sell the goods you steal back to the owner….

Moms are China’s Other Great Firewall

According to the NY Daily News:

The Chinese government tapped sixty mothers to form a “Mom jury” tasked with surfing the Web for porn sites that are deemed indecent for young Internet users

In a nod to the Cold War, Mother China is the new Mother Russia.

Fake Malware Slows Down Facebook

There are rumors floating around that a piece of malware is slowing down Facebook. It turns out that it’s just another application after all.

I removed it and it certainly speeds up the application. Here’s how to remove it:

Check your ‘application settings’, go into the drop down box ‘added to profile’. If you see one in there called “unnamed app” delete it

Two New Columns and WordPress Bugs

I writing two new columns for Hopefully I can get some more work done on the this weekend. They should be published on the next consecutive Mondays.

I was updating my profile and found that the HTML target tags were being automatically removed! Grrrr…