10,000 TSA staff to get secret intel

This is an interesting decision. The public will most likely never know about the false positives — identifying a person as a potential terrorist even they are not a terrorist — created by this change in policy that are almost guaranteed to happen:

The 10,000 people in line to get classified information are managers, supervisors and “behavior detection officers” who roam airports looking for suspicious people. They represent about 20% of the TSA’s airport workforce and exclude screeners who scan passengers and bags.

The information will give workers details about terrorist “tactics, planning, operations and threats,” TSA spokeswoman Sterling Payne said. Those details “give context to things they see every day which may otherwise not appear unusual” and let workers “exercise discretion” in dealing with travelers, Payne added. She would not elaborate on specific intelligence the workers will get. All TSA airport workers now get daily intelligence briefings that include less sensitive information.

This change in policy (I believe) was a response to the underwear bomber. In infosec vulnerability language it is in response to false negatives!

As security professionals who (should) err on the side of caution, these false positives should be OK within normal bounds. It will be interesting to see what will happen if (and when) there are egregious problems.